Thursday, March 3

Patatas bravas

Wow, I'm literally just finished eating this delicious dish about 2 minutes ago, and decided it was about time me and Laura gave The Giddy Goat a little attention.
I followed a simple recipe ( which is cheap, quick and easy. I've never made patatas bravas before but Laura makes it all the time and its been something I've wanted to try. Laura arrived to the house in the nick of time to add some extra touches to this basic recipe... some chopped corriander to the tomato sauce, and also sprinkle some over the diced potatos with a squeeze of lemon and plenty of salt and pepper. We also threw in some thickly sliced chorizo for the last 15 minutes, and served it with some natural yogurt. The cool yogurt contrasts nicely with the spicy tomato sauce, and the chorizo turns the dish into something more substantial.

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