Saturday, January 10

Thai Green Curry

Here is a delicious and easy recipe. I always add in some veg to give it some addded substance - sugar snap peas or green beans are great in it. Also this recipe says it serves 6 - I would be more inclined to use it to serve 4 and just use 3 or 4 chicken breasts.

Wednesday, January 7

Mylos Welcome Meal!

So today was a very exciting day due the wonderful arrival of Mylo. It doesn't take much for the Caulwells to find an excuse for a tasty get together and mum had here eye on a recipe from 'What Katie Ate' for a wihle so I decided to give it a go. Now I think everyone should give it a go! Click here for the very easy recipe.

The recipe says to serve it with rice but we had it with a very tasty salad inspired by a visit to The Happy Pear in Greystones yesterday. I recently got their recipe book as a gift from some wonderful friends and this is the second time making it. Its a healthy, colourful, inviting looking dish that goes down a treat and leaves you feeling full but not slugish! (I like to make extra dressing for an extra kick or to keep in the fridge).

Mix the following ingredients in a bowl
30g toasted sunflower seeds
30g toasted sesame seeds  (both seeds can be dry fried together)
1 carrot (grated)
1/2 red cabbage (finely sliced)
1 red pepper (finely sliced)
1 yellow pepper (finely sliced)
a handful of sugar snaps (finely sliced)
packet of beansprouts
a head of pak choi or 100g baby spinach (shredded)
150g sprouted beans

and then dress with the following ingredients whizzed up in a food processor
2cm cube of ginger
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 red chilli
5 tablespoons soy sauce
juice of a lemon
2 tablespoons honey
50 ml olive oil
50ml sunflower oil

Tuesday, January 6

Winter Muesli

So it has probably been a year or two (or three if I'm honest) since I've posted anything on here. The intention to keep it updated over the next while is there but whether it happens or not remains to be seen!

Anyway, back to the muesli. This one is pretty straight forward and more importantly -delicious and nutritious. My sister Joanna introduced us to this recipe which she got from her friend Julie, so we just know it as Julie's muesli. I usually make twice the quantity below.

200g oats
150g mixed nuts (whatever you have)
50g seeds
25g coconut
1/2tspn cinnamon
5 tbspns of honey
3 tblspns olive oil
2 tblspns sunflower oil

Method: Heat over to 180. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and spread on oven tray. Bake for 25minutes, tossing every 5.

Rumour has it this will stay fresh for ages but I've never known it to last long enough to find out!

Tuesday, September 24

Homemade Pizza

Can't beat homemade pizzas! The simpler the better! Its a Jamie Oliver recipe, I don't have it to hand but ill update it soon :)

Eva and Petras Feast!

So Petra and I decided to do a spot of cooking the other day. We had asparagus for starters and prawny pasta for mains and it was seriously good. Petras got skills in the kitchen! The whole meal was incredibly easy, quick and straightforward to do with preparing the prawns being the only chore.

Minty Asparagus
So the asparagus is dead easy to cook. We broke off the bottom of the stalks and gave it a rinse. Boiled it for about two minutes, sat it in cold water for 5 minutes and then put it back on a really hot pan with a dash of oil. We then sprinkled on the zest and juice of a lemon, a handful of chopped fresh mint and a pinch of chilli flakes. It needs about two minutes on the pan and thats it - ready to go!

Prawns, Rocket and Sundried Tomato Pasta
This has been one of my favourite meals for years. Its really easy, quick and always tastes good. And this round Petra made it. I don't this picture quite does it justice though. Check out this recipe here.

Marks and Spencers Cookies!!!

So word on the street that this is the recipe for the Marks and Spencers Cookies. I'm not 100% positive but either way they're great cookies! I only used a small amount of vanilla essence though and used real chocolate chunks...

Wednesday, September 18

Lebanese Feast!

Laura and I cooked a very similar feast to this a few weeks ago and laura then make it again yesterday so its about time I put it up... its a minty garlicy yoghurt, dry fried thinly sliced augergine layered with garlic, corriander, olive oil and salt alongside a spicy tomato sauce made by roasting halved vine tomatoes with olive oil, garlic and chillies and loosely liquidized. We also had felafel and a roast veg cous cous and lime and corriander humous....