Sunday, January 9

Pizza Saturday

Yesterday I was a little bit under the weather and not really up to cooking a big feast. But this didn't effect my appetite, and I still fancied something tasty for dinner! Homemade pizzas are already pretty easy, but if you buy the bases ready made, they couldn't be simpler. I made a tomato sauce with some good quality tinned tomatoes, loads of torn fresh basil, fresh chilli, crushed garlic and some seasoning. Then with some sliced chorizo, fresh mozzarella and a little grated parmesan... pizza heaven. With only 12 minutes or so in the oven, they're so quick and easy. Oh and they can be really fun if you have a few people over and everyone makes up their own pizzas from a selection of toppings. Personally, a straightforward pizza with some spicy sausage is unbeatable. Myself and my housemates scoffed two pizzas and were very happy with ourselves! (Pictures to follow!)

Ingredients (for two pizzas):
2 ready made bases
1 tin of good quality tomatoes
1/2 fresh chilli, finely chopped (optional)
lots of torn fresh basil leaves
salt, pepper & a pinch of sugar
fresh mozzarella

Mix together the tomatoes, chilli, basil and seasoning. Spread it over the bases, and put the chorizo, mozarella and parmesan on top and pop in the oven (at about 180c) for 12 minutes. Et voila.

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