Sunday, January 9

Sunday grub

Today both myself and Eva and the rest of the family (minus one plus one) had a big Sunday dinner at home home. Mum pulled out all the stops. To start, we had falafel with lemon and a cucumber and yogurt sauce. The fresh herbs and spices gave the little balls of chick pea joy a nice, delicate flavour. Then we had 'the famous goose'. I call it the famous goose because mum has been trying to get us together for ages to eat this goose that she had in the freezer. And today was the day. The famous goose was cooked to a golden crispy perfection. The spuds were impregnated with the flavour of the delicious goosey fat. The gravy came from the very unappetizing goose gizzards. There were also leeks in cheese sauce, and for me, the star of the show, cheesy parsnips. Mum boiled them on the hob, then mashed them up to a thick and chunky consistency. She added creme fraiche, lots of grated cheese and some seasoning, and mixed it all up and tipped it into an oven dish. Then she topped it off with even more grated cheese, and baked it. Oh wow. It was delicious.
Dessert was courtesy of Joanna. She made a perfect pavalova. The centre was light and gooey and the outside lovely and crispy crumbly. She put whipped cream and raspberries (or razzleberries as Sally would say) on top. They're not quite in season, but they were reduced in Tesco and were too lovely to resist! This pavalova recipe
 has been knocking around our house and among our friends for years and is still one of our favourite desserts.

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